Pumpkin joins Acorn Squash

Today I welcomed my new glorious Kate Malone (http://www.katemaloneceramics.com/) Pumpkin that joins my dazzling Acorn Squash.  They are very happy sitting together – who knows if little pumpkins might appear?


My Kate Malone Pumpkin

Okay I had nothing to do with creating this masterpiece, but it is so gorgeous and I’m so proud to own it, I just had to share.

This is one of Kate Malone’s (from The Great Pottery Throw Down TV programs) creations, from her exhibition at Waddesdon Manor last year (‘Inspired By Waddesdon Manor’ exhibition 8/6 to 16/10/2016).  This is a second version of one of her smaller pumpkins in the display photo.  It is approximately 6” wide at the top and 2.5” high.  It is a second version because I wanted that one and it had already been sold!.  I just loved so many of her creations but couldn’t afford a large pumpkin or vase.

I do hope that you want to see more of her work – please visit: http://www.katemaloneceramics.com/

This page has a link for more information on the Waddesdon exhibition: