‘Handbag’ pattern Quilts


‘Handbag’ pattern Quilts

Yes I know the blocks don’t look like handbags, but I stole the idea from one where the bag handles were appliqued on to the top or narrow end of the ‘bag’.  As I was intending these for Project Linus for boys (most quilts are rather girly in colours and material) I left the handles off.

While simple in idea my brain did not cope well with sewing the slanting sides together.  First I sewed a straight side to a slant – the result was Not a rectangle.  Reverse all that and try again:  I sewed slant to slant but still Not a rectangle.  The idea is to sew the fat end to the thin end not fat to fat!.  Second go and reversing, and finally correctly shaped rectangles.

Originally I had planned only one but I had so much material there became two with still some left over.

All the fabric is brushed cotton. The paisley fabric on cream was given to me – about 7 yards worth, so it got used as backing for both quilts as well as the binding and some blocks.  The dark blue was left over from many years ago when I made myself a pair of pyjamas.  Apart from the red check, I didn’t buy any fabric.


Summer Linus Scrap Quilt

I’m calling this quilt ‘summer’ not just because it was made this summer but a couple of my friends at the Linus sewing day said “Strawberry and Raspberry colours”.  Unlike most quilts this one started with the backing – a piece of embroidered material presented to me at a previous Linus sewing day with the request to “make a front for this”.  I delved into my ‘stash’ and found a collection of similarly coloured squares and the plain material, all passed on from a friend.  I had only to add one square from my material to make enough for the front; it’s quite small 26” by 34”.  I planned and cut the squares at home and sewed and quilted it at the last Linus sewing day.  The quilting (free motion ‘scribble’) was done from the back to avoid sewing over the embroidered flowers. The binding was found in the Linus pile and today I attached the binding, so it’s all ready for the next sewing day.

‘Crazy’ Quilt

This was my Easter weekend project, although I had previously prepared the ‘crazy’ block fabric and made the first cut.

I have previously made a quilt using this ‘crazy’ pattern, and bored with just squares I fancied doing it again with some of my donated Linus fabric stash. This time I adapted the ‘crazy’ pattern for a smaller starting block (10”) and made only 3 cuts.  However I hadn’t really planned the result and ended up with an odd number of blocks – hence the 2 plain blocks added.  When I had sewn the blocks and the sashing I realized it was not wide enough so scrounged some more more fabric to add to the offcuts for the 2 borders.  I had the calico and backing in my stash and some wadding so no purchases necessary.  The end size was 36” by 53”.

If you haven’t done one of these before it is amazingly simple.  Start with the same number of squares that you want to end up with and make a random cut at an angle in one block from side to side.  Use one of the shapes as a template and make the same cut on the remaining blocks.  Arrange the cut pieces together in a different order, and stitch together.  Repeat the cut, rearrange and stitch several more times.

Alphabet Baby Quilt


Alphabet Quilt

Alphabet Quilt

Sewn for Project Linus.  This has been ‘in progress’ since before Christmas 2014, and finally it got finished. The letter patterns came from a book of quilt blocks given to me; as usual I amended the original design!. I used a lot of my left over very small pieces of material, and tried to colour co-ordinate them. Having finished the first couple of blocks I thought ‘why cut up a single pieces into 2” squares only to stitch it back together again?’. A lot of maths later (not always correct!), I had alternative sizes for each letter. The ‘half square’ blocks were fiddly but good practice for me, or so I told myself (!). 2 inch blocks are really too small for my sanity so this may be the one and only quilt I make of this design.

It is backed in white fleece which my sewing machine didn’t like sewing!. The blocks are quilted ‘in the ditch’ and around the white/cream shapes – giving many, many ends to tie off grrr.

More Project Linus Quilts

2013 04 linus quilt   2013 04 linus quilt back   2013-07 linus quilt 2013-07 linus quilt quilting   2013-07 linus quilt back

(Click on a photo to see more detail)

These are some more quilts for Project Linus that I have  mostly made myself, using material pieces donated to them.   Sadly my photography skills are not brilliant, so the colours are not true. Quilt 2 is mostly browns and I designed it to flow from dark through to light. I practised my free motion quilting of fishes on this one.