Funky Stained Glass Strawberry and Stars

Having finished the Bird of Paradise hanging, I had a day a half left of the five day workshop which gave me time to create a few small items.  I had been saving a tear drop shaped piece of red glass for ages (because I liked the shape), and whilst cutting the bird pieces another shaped offcut in green emerged.  I don’t like wasting materials and with the tale of a friend’s losing battle with slugs vs strawberries in mind the shape of Funky Strawberry came to me.  This piece is now hanging up away from the slugs.

With more time to spare I wanted to make some stars – just because I like them; after all stars are not just for Christmas.  What really makes their effect is the lovely glass.


Stained Glass Bird of Paradise Hanging

Since I made my Bird of Paradise material hanging I’ve wanted to do a version in stained glass.  A friend of mine was interested in having one so the project got going.  The design is inspired by and adapted from a Gail Lowther pattern (   After the last 2 projects which were Large Window / Porch pieces it’s more relaxing to work on a smaller scale, although small doesn’t mean easy!. Because it was going to be hung on a wall I thought having it mounted on a board would reflect more of the glass colours, and this has turned out well.  As usual many thanks to Jenny and Mike at Vitreus Art for their assistance, encouragement and making the mounting board and mounting the piece.  This has been delivered to it’s new owner and will soon be hanging in their conservatory.

Day 1:  All the pieces were cut – not accurately as it seems I don’t have the fine motor control for freehand cutting.  Some have been ground to fit the pattern.

Day 2:  All pieces were ground to fit the pattern, some took a while to get them to the correct shape after the inaccurate cutting.  The orange and blue/green colour glass is textured and is more challenging to cut.  A few pieces were-cut: one because it was just the wrong shape, and 2 because the purple colour turned out to be more blue. In the remaining time I started on applying the copper foil on the edges; this is quite a precise and fiddly task and naturally I needed to redo some sections.

Day 3:  All pieces were foiled and one side was soldered.  That is definitely a skill that takes time to acquire.  Some of my solder lines aren’t bad, but some needed some smoothing out.

Knitted Blue Tit Bird


I was fortunate to attend a workshop of Sue Stratford where we learned tips for knitting her wonderful knitted birds from ‘A Bird in the Hand’ (and drank coffee and ate cake of course).  I selected a Blue Tit because my neighbour and I have them in our gardens and this year they have been flying in and out of my nesting box.  I haven’t seen any babies yet but maybe..

I finished him yesterday and I’m reasonably pleased with the result – always ‘could do better’!  He is small – approximately 9 cm tall.

Check out her website  for details of all her other wonderful patterns and kits.

Porch Stained Glass Windows Installed

       The large stained glass panels I made last year for a friend’s porch have been installed and the owners are very pleased with them.  That’s a relief!

Pumpkin joins Acorn Squash

Today I welcomed my new glorious Kate Malone ( Pumpkin that joins my dazzling Acorn Squash.  They are very happy sitting together – who knows if little pumpkins might appear?

‘Crazy’ Quilt

This was my Easter weekend project, although I had previously prepared the ‘crazy’ block fabric and made the first cut.

I have previously made a quilt using this ‘crazy’ pattern, and bored with just squares I fancied doing it again with some of my donated Linus fabric stash. This time I adapted the ‘crazy’ pattern for a smaller starting block (10”) and made only 3 cuts.  However I hadn’t really planned the result and ended up with an odd number of blocks – hence the 2 plain blocks added.  When I had sewn the blocks and the sashing I realized it was not wide enough so scrounged some more more fabric to add to the offcuts for the 2 borders.  I had the calico and backing in my stash and some wadding so no purchases necessary.  The end size was 36” by 53”.

If you haven’t done one of these before it is amazingly simple.  Start with the same number of squares that you want to end up with and make a random cut at an angle in one block from side to side.  Use one of the shapes as a template and make the same cut on the remaining blocks.  Arrange the cut pieces together in a different order, and stitch together.  Repeat the cut, rearrange and stitch several more times.

My Kate Malone Pumpkin

Okay I had nothing to do with creating this masterpiece, but it is so gorgeous and I’m so proud to own it, I just had to share.

This is one of Kate Malone’s (from The Great Pottery Throw Down TV programs) creations, from her exhibition at Waddesdon Manor last year (‘Inspired By Waddesdon Manor’ exhibition 8/6 to 16/10/2016).  This is a second version of one of her smaller pumpkins in the display photo.  It is approximately 6” wide at the top and 2.5” high.  It is a second version because I wanted that one and it had already been sold!.  I just loved so many of her creations but couldn’t afford a large pumpkin or vase.

I do hope that you want to see more of her work – please visit:

This page has a link for more information on the Waddesdon exhibition:

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