Triangular Challenge

For some reason this year I wanted more of a challenge in quilt blocks (which I may well regret), and feeling the chilly weather I remembered some brushed cotton material in my stash marked out for a quilt for me.  I looked through all my quilt magazines and books for inspiration and the only one I felt fitted the muted colours of the material was a pattern made up of only triangles!  So challenge 1 – make an accurate template, challenge 2 to cut lots of accurate triangle pieces (not having a die cutter).  I sewed a few together to test my cutting accuracy and decided that was sufficient (not perfect!).  I now have over a hundred triangles cut out and more to go


Another Chicken Home to Roost


Another item off my Unfinished Object List – and a further addition to my Chicken collection.  If you hadn’t realised I rather like Chickens – real ones and crafted ones.  I saw and fell for the chicken fabric and now I have some left over!.   He is guarding a door, but also helps to weigh down fabric when I’m cutting out.

More Summer Dresses


The first summer dress I made (see above) was such a success on my Christmas tropical escape that I’ve now made 2 more in the hope there will be the weather to wear them.   Today it’s minus 2 C with snow showers so I’m not optimistic!.

Regarding THE shirt saga (see previous post), there was an outstanding error with one of the cuffs – the ‘lap’ around the opening wouldn’t fold neatly.  I wore it on holiday, but once back at my sewing classes I took the cuff off.  I sewed it back on in reverse with the button on the inside but it still wouldn’t fold flat.  I took it off again and my tutor spotted my mistake – the bottom part of the ‘lap’ should be on the inside of the cuff.  Third attempt and the cuff is the correct way around and it folds flat.  No doubt my brain will get the reversing confused again if I ever make another shirt – not for a while anyway!.

Bay Window Curtains

  While I know how curtains should be made from the hem upwards, having attended a one day course!, I am no way expert, especially when they involve lots of fabric.  I have helped to make some for a friend who has a Long kitchen island.  With this in mind I offered to make these up for a friend from the provided material (feet in mouth come to mind).  Over 3 individual day sessions borrowing the Long kitchen island and my friend’s (not the curtains destination owner) help we got the 7 metres cut up and joined.  Matching was not possible as there wasn’t enough fabric, but we decided the join wouldn’t show.  I managed most of the lining joining myself, but couldn’t have done them without my friend’s help.  The owner is very pleased and they do look good hung up.  Oh and they were the correct length because I didn’t measure the required length!.

Pretty Flamingo


I was instantly attracted to this birdie from Sue Stratford’s Birdie book ( ), probably because I have always loved the song and watching the real birds.

Summer Dress

While the current weather ( 4 degrees C) is not conducive to trying this on, I did finish sewing it in just under 2 weeks.  This pattern was a relief from the Shirt Saga (see earlier post), consisting of just 2 pieces, a pocket, a zip (not in the pattern) and the bias binding.  Now I just need the weather to wear it!.


‘Handbag’ pattern Quilts


‘Handbag’ pattern Quilts

Yes I know the blocks don’t look like handbags, but I stole the idea from one where the bag handles were appliqued on to the top or narrow end of the ‘bag’.  As I was intending these for Project Linus for boys (most quilts are rather girly in colours and material) I left the handles off.

While simple in idea my brain did not cope well with sewing the slanting sides together.  First I sewed a straight side to a slant – the result was Not a rectangle.  Reverse all that and try again:  I sewed slant to slant but still Not a rectangle.  The idea is to sew the fat end to the thin end not fat to fat!.  Second go and reversing, and finally correctly shaped rectangles.

Originally I had planned only one but I had so much material there became two with still some left over.

All the fabric is brushed cotton. The paisley fabric on cream was given to me – about 7 yards worth, so it got used as backing for both quilts as well as the binding and some blocks.  The dark blue was left over from many years ago when I made myself a pair of pyjamas.  Apart from the red check, I didn’t buy any fabric.

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