Door Caddy / Hanging


This is a replacement for a very useful hanging given to me; I have used the original for years (and years) to store hats, scarfs and gloves.   The original had seen better days and as I had several cat printed strips they seemed a good choice for the pockets.

It has taken years for this to be made – mostly because I didn’t have a pattern to follow and so it was too difficult.  However I found the instructions for a similar item on the internet for a different size and finally got motivated/brave enough to have a go.  If I made another one I would change a few stages;  I used double interfacing to keep it stiff, but these adds to the bulk when adding the binding so I wouldn’t do that again.

Mostly I’m pleased with it, and it’s no longer an Unstarted Object.


Venetian Wall Hangings

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge

Venice - Gondola 3

Palazzo on the Grand Canal










Two of Gail Lawther’s ( wonderful Venice design wall hangings, in the ‘stained glass’ mode – Rialto Bridge and Palazzo on the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal hanging I made many years ago (and can’t actually remember when!) and planned the Rialto Bridge at the same time but it sat in the UFO pile until very recently. Both hangings are birthday gifts in memory of trips to Venice, and both were months late. There’s a pattern there!.   I do love her designs, and I have 2 more Venetian scene designs – I wonder if they will get made?

Bird of Paradise Hanging

   2014-11-18 bird of paradise hanging                2014-12-03 bird of paradise plant

Another of Gail Lowther ‘stained glass’ effect designs, this one is for me because I have a real Bird of Paradise plant in my conservatory which has flowered for many years. It has 2 ‘birds’ out at the moment.

Fushia Hanging

2014-10 FUSHIA HANGING2  I have long wanted to make ‘stained glass’ effect pictures and this is a Gail Lowther design, one of several that have been in my ‘to do’ collection for years after I did a day course with her. This is for a friend’s new house, and as she likes bright colours it seemed appropriate. I have selected and just about started a different design for myself.

I’m Only a Cat Hanging

2014-09 Cat Hanging

One from my USO (Unstarted Objects) collection – the pattern was a gift from a friend apparently 2 or 3 years ago!. I re-discovered it whilst looking for another wall hanging pattern that I am making for someone, and started it at the same time. Amazingly this is all from my fabric ‘collection’, even the buttons, ribbons and beads.