My latest gadget:

As I am making clothes now, I have seen the use for an overlocker and thanks to the help of my sewing group tutor I felt confident enough to go for one at home.  This is one of the 3 gadgets I purchased at the Quilt Show 2018.  I cheated on the threading – it came threaded with minimum thread, so I used the ‘pull the new thread’ method , and only had to thread the 2 needles.  And it works!


Peacock Feathers Fused Glass

I am pleased with how my first fused glass creation turned out – thanks to Vitreus Art of course.  I wasn’t motivated to try fusing until I saw a painting in Vitreus Art of a peacock, and ‘bing’ there was my inspiration – peacock feathers.  Not being a natural artist regarding drawing I was unsure how I would be able to replicate my pencil designs (with a lot of rubbing out!) into the fusing techniques.  The day was really relaxing and fortunately my hands didn’t shake too much whist drawing the lines.

Memory Quilt


I was asked back in late summer of 2016 to make a quilt for someone in memory of her mother, using a number of her mother’s favourite blouses.  I thought this was such a lovely idea.  The blouses were mostly in shades of pink and purple, and of beautiful material – all cotton and most were very fine cotton.  The client selected a ‘Rail Fence’ Design.  Out of 15 different materials, 3 weren’t used.  The main block had 9 different fabrics, 2 further ones for the sashing, and another for the binding.  The backing was white calico.  Quilting was using a multi coloured (pink and purple ) thread on the top and white on the backing.  I made a label using my sewing machine alphabet in the multi-coloured quilting thread on white backing. (If you click on the photo to see a larger version the materials will show up better)

I started on 14 August 2016 and the quilt was finished on 22 January 2017 so elapsed time was approximately 5 months.   This time I kept a log of the hours and minutes I worked and the actual work time was 96 hours.  This was broken down into  :

30 hours 40 minutes for material preparation – de-constructing the blouses and unpicking darts etc, ironing on very soft interfacing.

5 hours 35 minutes for cutting the material into strips – this would have been a LOT more without the use of my acquaintance’s die cutting machine

8 hours planning on which fabrics to use where and the layout of the blocks

26 hours 50 minutes sewing the strips into blocks and sewing the blocks together

9 hours 30 minutes quilting

15 hours 25 minutes sewing on the binding, creating the label and sewing it on.

Reversible Rail Fence Quilt

20160116 kaths 2nd quilt side 1    20160116 kaths 2nd quilt side 2

A further quilt for a friend following redecoration of her sitting room. The first quilt did not colour match. As she likes uncluttered styles I suggested a Rail Fence design; from the alternative construction combinations this was selected. The colour choice and fabric purchase was all hers. I think this shows that a simple design can very effective. The big challenge for me was getting the reverse side the correct way so the pattern was reversed!. I laid the first side right side down and placed the blocks on top to get the correct layout. Basic, but it worked!. The photos may not be turned the correct way around! Quilted in straight lines to echo the pattern.

Now for cushion covers to use up the small amount of remaining fabric

Mary’s craft web site

You never know everything about your friends – I have just found out that my sewing mentor and friend, Mary, has her own web site showing her wonderful work.  Please take a moment to have a browse.  I think you will be amazed. 



Crochet Blanket Block Three

      crochet block 3 finished2     crochet block 3 finished1

This pattern looks deceptively easy.  The actual stitches are easy, being just double crochet either into the front or back of the stitch, but keeping 11 stitches within each sub-block is tricky.  I’m not the only one in the group to discover the endless counting not always accurate.  I quickly resorted to using little stitch markers at the beginning and end of each sub block.  Even so, the odd stitch got lost or created!.  The colour is actually maroon.


My Blog

When I left full time employment, I was encouraged to re-discover my enthusiasm for crafting.  So successful was this challenge that a lot of my time is now taken up with various sewing projects, mostly for other people!.  Somehow sewing for others is a lot more attractive that sewing for myself!.

I started off working on one of my many UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) which is still unfinished as other projects joined at the top of the ‘Do Now’ list!.

Since I don’t find time to share what I’m doing with each of my friends individually I hope that including the completed projects here will show you what I’ve been doing all this time