Heart Quilt

 Some years ago when I made a memory quilt from ladies blouses there were some strips left over – I have used some (only some!) in the Hearts of this quilt.  The sashing came from a friend, and the white is Ikea fabric.  Mostly quilted ‘in the ditch’ (with a fair few ‘wanders’!).  Size is  48” square.



Large Triangle Quilt

So named because some of the triangles are larger than others, and because it is a large quilt – 56” X 72”

This started as a ‘use up the leftovers’ from my last triangle quilt; I saw this pattern in a quilt magazine (from quiltylove.com) and thought I would extend my triangle knowledge.  So I started, but part way through cutting approximately 200 triangles of the 2 sizes it became obvious I didn’t  have enough material.  I wanted to keep to the same sort – a mixture of brushed cotton and wool – and the colour scheme – predominantly brown and grey.  I sourced some off Ebay and continued.  Then I Still didn’t have enough so sourced some more off Ebay.  Naturally I ordered more than I needed!.  So then I needed some backing and had decided I wanted to use fleece – avoiding the need for wadding – and wanted light grey to fit with the colour scheme.  Yes I sourced some off Ebay!.  And yes, I ordered way more than I needed!.

I just managed to get in through my sewing machine to quilt – each side of the triangle lines. 

The colour scheme fits my kind neighbour’s house and it has now gone to it’s new home.

Apple Core Quilt

Finally a shape that is NOT square or rectangular!  I saw the Apple Core pattern in a magazine and my sewing tutor had a die so I thought I’d have a go.  The Cores are much smaller than the magazine pattern – approximately 6” by 7”.  I’m glad I ran out of fabric and couldn’t make the centre any bigger – approximately 35.5” by 27.5”.  While sewing the individual Apple Cores together was not ‘difficult’ is was time consuming – needing a lot of pins.

I have been on a ‘sewing curves’ course and used the tips – shorten your sewing stitch length, use lots of pins and sew slowly. Sewing the rows together needed lots and lots of pins (a whole box for each row) and took a while.  I appliqued the centre onto the side sashing to bring the finished quilt up to 39” by 42.5” and avoid needing bias cut binding.  Quilted each side of the curved seams – not very accurately in places!

Alphabet Baby Quilt

The second one I have made this year.  This time I made it as a ‘quilt as you go’ which made the quilting of the letters ‘in the ditch’ a lot easier.  Although sewing the blocks and rows together was more challenging due to the wider sashing – 2”.  The choice of pale grey for the sashing was by the requestor.  Thanks to a sewing friend each letter has different material.



Baby Alphabet Quilt


I like this pattern and it uses up some of those small pieces.  Choosing and cutting the small pieces (base is a 2” square) takes some time.

This is the second I have made, and is for a friend.




My Large Summer Bed Quilt


This is the largest quilt I have yet made – 73” wide by 91” long.  This was a challenge to lay out (thank you Mary), and quilt.  I did in the ditch for the sashing and free motion for all the individual blocks – endless ends to finish off as I went around the flowers!  I added a couple of applique flowers on the back to break up the ivory calico.

One of my favourite quilt patterns for large motif material.  I started this last year, got part way through then it went into the UFO pile.  When I picked it up this year I discovered my poor mathematics – not enough material for the sashing and I couldn’t remember what the material was or where I bought it!.  So I ended up with mixed white and ivory sashing – not that I can easily tell the difference!.



When is aTriangle not a Triangle?

When the top gets cut off!.  As the picture shows these are no longer triangles although they started off as such – I’m blaming the pattern not user error!.   At least it is finished, motivated by our cold weather.  I’m glad as it is made from brushed cotton so is good to snuggle under.  I didn’t want to add any more weight so reluctantly used a 2oz polyester wadding – horrible stuff and not consistent in thickness either.  My machine, a Bernina, is very fussy and does NOT like stitching polyester or fleece fabric so I used a Janome purple tip needle which is designed to minimise skipped stiches.

Finished size is :   Width 50” Length 54”



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