Patchwork Woolen Blanket

This was another of the Unstarted Objects that I came across whilst recently tidying up.  Many years ago I bought quite a lot of off-cut woolen strips and made some into 2 large patchwork cushion covers.  I had intended to use the rest for a blanket.  Rather than just put them away again I decided to sew them up – this only took me 2 days elapsed.  There was no real design involved for the centre– I sewed the similar sized strips together then pieced the remainder around the outside.  Then I realised it needed binding.  In amongst the fabric collection was a pair of woolen trousers that turned out a failure as the size was all wrong.  Once dismantled there was more than enough to bind the blanket.  A finished object!!


I’m Only a Cat Hanging

2014-09 Cat Hanging

One from my USO (Unstarted Objects) collection – the pattern was a gift from a friend apparently 2 or 3 years ago!. I re-discovered it whilst looking for another wall hanging pattern that I am making for someone, and started it at the same time. Amazingly this is all from my fabric ‘collection’, even the buttons, ribbons and beads.

Gorgeous Cat Material

Cat material    I just couldn’t live without this fat quarter of material, spotted at the Knitting and Stitching Show this week.  Now the big question is:  What do I make with it? Hmmm. Will have to think about that.