3 Robins ready to fly

More knitted birdies from Sue Stratford https://www.suestratford.co.uk/ . A friend asked for one but I didn’t have any brown wool.  A sewing friend passed on hers which were in different weights – hence the different sizes!.  I am trying to use up not buy more!. I ran out of the safety eyes so baby has just french knots. One robin has flown.


Knitted Blue Tit Bird


I was fortunate to attend a workshop of Sue Stratford where we learned tips for knitting her wonderful knitted birds from ‘A Bird in the Hand’ (and drank coffee and ate cake of course).  I selected a Blue Tit because my neighbour and I have them in our gardens and this year they have been flying in and out of my nesting box.  I haven’t seen any babies yet but maybe..

I finished him yesterday and I’m reasonably pleased with the result – always ‘could do better’!  He is small – approximately 9 cm tall.

Check out her website https://www.suestratford.co.uk/  for details of all her other wonderful patterns and kits.

Mini Christmas Knits


I have been knitting for Christmas; actually I started in June and then abandoned it until October.  These are some of the tiny items from Sue Stratford’s wonderful book ‘Mini Knitted Christmas’.    Her books are shown on her web site: http://www.suestratford.co.uk/.

I may yet finish some more in between stained glass window number 2 and other sewing. Whilst they are small in size and quick (ish) to knit (although fiddly), they do take HOURS to sew up and stuff!.

Trevor the mini Turkey

20160224 mini turkey 2    This cute little fellow ( 9cm 3.5” high) is from Sue Stratford’s book ‘Mini Knitted Christmas’ (http://www.theknittinghut.co.uk/). He had to come and join my household of course! (refer back to Gerald the Turkey!). I am publicly declaring I will be knitting for Christmas from this book. Now I HAVE to start!. I already have the wool so no excuses really….

Mini knitted creatures

2016-01-01 knitting hut minis

I have a weakness for small cute animals especially if fluffy, so it’s not really surprising that I fell for more of Sue Stratford’s mini knitted creations. The fluffball kitties have gone to their forever home, the bigger chicken also, and the smaller chicken will be flying the coop soon. If you are tempted, check out the Knitting Hut: http://www.theknittinghut.co.uk/

Knitted Cable Cushion Cover mark 2

marys cushion

I really enjoy knitting these cable cushion covers, and knitted this large one as a birthday present for a friend who admired mine.  Mind you the gift was late as I had only just started it at her actual birthday.

Everlasting Daffodils

 daffodill2 daffodill3daffodill1

I don’t buy knitting magazines but for some reason succumbed to one.  When I looked inside and saw these wonderful daffodils they went right to the top of my ‘must have it now’ projects.  What’s more they will last without wilting and don’t need watering.  The knitting doesn’t take long, but there is a LOT of sewing up!. The pattern said to stitch to pipe cleaners – hello, they are wire with a fluffy coating; nothing to stitch into…  So I covered them with felt, and I prefer the resulting look, but more sewing needed.   For once I didn’t drop any beads when stitching them on (as the flower centres). 

Watch out friends, you may well be ending up with dome of these.

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