Another Chicken Home to Roost


Another item off my Unfinished Object List – and a further addition to my Chicken collection.  If you hadn’t realised I rather like Chickens – real ones and crafted ones.  I saw and fell for the chicken fabric and now I have some left over!.   He is guarding a door, but also helps to weigh down fabric when I’m cutting out.


Gerald the Turkey

   2015-08-27 gerald2

Meet Gerald the Turkey who escaped last Thanksgiving and remained in the wild over Christmas and New Year. Only recently has he been persuaded to come and live inside and be a door-guard for my sewing stash room. (He is a door stop).

If you think stuffing and cooking an edible Turkey is hard, Gerald has proved to be a BIG trial. I found the pattern had some flaws and even my expert sewing friends thought it was at best unclear!. So I just had to make some of it up myself. Naturally this took much longer and there were times when I was tempted to let him escape permanently. But I really, really liked the pattern photo so I persevered. Now he is in residence, I am quite proud of my effort.