Another Chicken Home to Roost


Another item off my Unfinished Object List – and a further addition to my Chicken collection.  If you hadn’t realised I rather like Chickens – real ones and crafted ones.  I saw and fell for the chicken fabric and now I have some left over!.   He is guarding a door, but also helps to weigh down fabric when I’m cutting out.


Mini Christmas Knits


I have been knitting for Christmas; actually I started in June and then abandoned it until October.  These are some of the tiny items from Sue Stratford’s wonderful book ‘Mini Knitted Christmas’.    Her books are shown on her web site:

I may yet finish some more in between stained glass window number 2 and other sewing. Whilst they are small in size and quick (ish) to knit (although fiddly), they do take HOURS to sew up and stuff!.

Trevor the mini Turkey

20160224 mini turkey 2    This cute little fellow ( 9cm 3.5” high) is from Sue Stratford’s book ‘Mini Knitted Christmas’ ( He had to come and join my household of course! (refer back to Gerald the Turkey!). I am publicly declaring I will be knitting for Christmas from this book. Now I HAVE to start!. I already have the wool so no excuses really….