More Summer Dresses


The first summer dress I made (see above) was such a success on my Christmas tropical escape that I’ve now made 2 more in the hope there will be the weather to wear them.   Today it’s minus 2 C with snow showers so I’m not optimistic!.

Regarding THE shirt saga (see previous post), there was an outstanding error with one of the cuffs – the ‘lap’ around the opening wouldn’t fold neatly.  I wore it on holiday, but once back at my sewing classes I took the cuff off.  I sewed it back on in reverse with the button on the inside but it still wouldn’t fold flat.  I took it off again and my tutor spotted my mistake – the bottom part of the ‘lap’ should be on the inside of the cuff.  Third attempt and the cuff is the correct way around and it folds flat.  No doubt my brain will get the reversing confused again if I ever make another shirt – not for a while anyway!.

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