Bay Window Curtains

  While I know how curtains should be made from the hem upwards, having attended a one day course!, I am no way expert, especially when they involve lots of fabric.  I have helped to make some for a friend who has a Long kitchen island.  With this in mind I offered to make these up for a friend from the provided material (feet in mouth come to mind).  Over 3 individual day sessions borrowing the Long kitchen island and my friend’s (not the curtains destination owner) help we got the 7 metres cut up and joined.  Matching was not possible as there wasn’t enough fabric, but we decided the join wouldn’t show.  I managed most of the lining joining myself, but couldn’t have done them without my friend’s help.  The owner is very pleased and they do look good hung up.  Oh and they were the correct length because I didn’t measure the required length!.

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