Chinese Dragon Tapestry

Most definitely a long term project! – this was the last piece bought for me by my late mother in approximately 1986.  I have just unexpectedly found the original label so I know it came from The Tapestry Studio of Bath in Broad Street (I think it is no longer there) and is an original hand painted design from them, design no 119a and cost £27.00 including all the Appleton’s wool.  I remember going to the shop and falling for the design, and starting to stitch it.

My mother died in 1987 and it was consigned to the UFO (Unfinished Object) pile until approximately 2007.  Having been made redundant from my job, I eventually joined a sewing group and finished this tapestry.  Not knowing what to do with it, back it went into the UFO container until this year, 2017.  One of my friends who is very partial to Chinese embroidery pictures, was having extensive extension to her house.  My bright idea was if she liked it, to have it made into a picture for her ‘new’ home.  Fortunately she liked it and thus it is finally Finished!.  Expertly framed by

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