Stained Glass Bird of Paradise Hanging

Since I made my Bird of Paradise material hanging I’ve wanted to do a version in stained glass.  A friend of mine was interested in having one so the project got going.  The design is inspired by and adapted from a Gail Lowther pattern (   After the last 2 projects which were Large Window / Porch pieces it’s more relaxing to work on a smaller scale, although small doesn’t mean easy!. Because it was going to be hung on a wall I thought having it mounted on a board would reflect more of the glass colours, and this has turned out well.  As usual many thanks to Jenny and Mike at Vitreus Art for their assistance, encouragement and making the mounting board and mounting the piece.  This has been delivered to it’s new owner and will soon be hanging in their conservatory.

Day 1:  All the pieces were cut – not accurately as it seems I don’t have the fine motor control for freehand cutting.  Some have been ground to fit the pattern.

Day 2:  All pieces were ground to fit the pattern, some took a while to get them to the correct shape after the inaccurate cutting.  The orange and blue/green colour glass is textured and is more challenging to cut.  A few pieces were-cut: one because it was just the wrong shape, and 2 because the purple colour turned out to be more blue. In the remaining time I started on applying the copper foil on the edges; this is quite a precise and fiddly task and naturally I needed to redo some sections.

Day 3:  All pieces were foiled and one side was soldered.  That is definitely a skill that takes time to acquire.  Some of my solder lines aren’t bad, but some needed some smoothing out.

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