Curved Pieced Cushion Cover


Back in October 2015 I attended a course tutored by Phillipa Naylor  ( ), on curved piecing. Up to then I had only used straight lines, and I thought it was time to branch out. I didn’t know what to expect regarding the pattern, even though I did look at her work on her web site. So I selected a variety of material from my stash, not all to my taste, as I imagined this would end up as a sample. She was a brilliant tutor, and I got through my fear of rotary cutting curves (!) and sewed some of pieces together almost accurately (!). There was not time to complete the whole pattern on the day; I went home reasonably determined to finish it.

Under the new rule of not starting a project until the current one is finished (well almost…), I kept going, an hour here and there. In truth, an hour of curved piecing was my limit of endurance. I had the centre design together when a friend visited, and it was her suggestion for using it as a cushion cover – the design was almost 22” square. We selected some backing (the green) from my stash and agreed the same would look good as the outer layer. I chickened out of have a curved edge for the cushion, and added a further thin layer to straighten the edges. I layered the top with cotton wadding and a thin poly-cotton lining as I was concerned the seams would wear. The top was quilted to echo the design, and the back in free motion squiggles. And so the cushion was (eventually) finished.

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