Alphabet Baby Quilt


Alphabet Quilt

Alphabet Quilt

Sewn for Project Linus.  This has been ‘in progress’ since before Christmas 2014, and finally it got finished. The letter patterns came from a book of quilt blocks given to me; as usual I amended the original design!. I used a lot of my left over very small pieces of material, and tried to colour co-ordinate them. Having finished the first couple of blocks I thought ‘why cut up a single pieces into 2” squares only to stitch it back together again?’. A lot of maths later (not always correct!), I had alternative sizes for each letter. The ‘half square’ blocks were fiddly but good practice for me, or so I told myself (!). 2 inch blocks are really too small for my sanity so this may be the one and only quilt I make of this design.

It is backed in white fleece which my sewing machine didn’t like sewing!. The blocks are quilted ‘in the ditch’ and around the white/cream shapes – giving many, many ends to tie off grrr.

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