Everlasting Daffodils

 daffodill2 daffodill3daffodill1

I don’t buy knitting magazines but for some reason succumbed to one.  When I looked inside and saw these wonderful daffodils they went right to the top of my ‘must have it now’ projects.  What’s more they will last without wilting and don’t need watering.  The knitting doesn’t take long, but there is a LOT of sewing up!. The pattern said to stitch to pipe cleaners – hello, they are wire with a fluffy coating; nothing to stitch into…  So I covered them with felt, and I prefer the resulting look, but more sewing needed.   For once I didn’t drop any beads when stitching them on (as the flower centres). 

Watch out friends, you may well be ending up with dome of these.

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