Elephant Bags

Click on a photo to see full size.

I used to attend a sewing group that ran a twice yearly ‘challenge’ where we were challenged to turn a small amount of provided material into a creation showing at least half of the material.  Oh and the result had to be secret until the day of showing.

The very first challenge after I joined was a piece of bright pink (very bright!) felt embossed with silver stars.  Strangely I quickly visualised an Elephant and it’s saddle.  Wanting to make something useful I conceived of a bag with an elephant motif.  Well the bag turned out quilted – not that I knew what quilting was then, and I’d never made a bag before!.  I did find creating the elephant’s tail a real challenge, but with thanks to one of my friends, not part of the sewing group, the bag did get finished.  The back and the front have identical elephants, their bodies are in a suede

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