Crafter’s Carry-All

My sewing tutor made one of these and I had a ‘I want one of those’ moments thinking that would work to hold my overlocker.  It took me quite a while to choose the fabrics all out of my stash, and hours to cut out the pieces with the wadding.  This is my first project using ‘Bosul’ a foam that acts as wadding and gives some stiffness – so the bag stands up on its own.  Typically my machine ( a Bernina) didn’t like sewing with it – skipping stitches, so I use the Janome purple tipped needles – I would be lost without these.   With all the pieces cut out, we did a workshop day at which I got the outer quilted  (not obvious) and put together.  The lining is separate, and when I’d put it together I decided it was too thin – being batik.  So I undid it , cut another set and made it double.  That worked.  I also hand stitched the lining to the outer in the corners and at points along the sides, so the lining will stay put.

Lurkey the Turkey

Yet again I fell for a feathered creature!  A year ago I couldn’t resist this pattern but it was forgotten until recently when my sewing tutor also bought it.  When I came across my copy I had to make him.  I bought nothing for this project – the rather odd mix of colours is because that’s what I had of the correct size;  some of the tail feathers and neck feathers are different on each side because there wasn’t enough material of the one pattern.  I even had enough stuffing and of course the eye beads.  He is a doorstop.

I made a few pattern adjustments – 2 dangly wattles not one, added the comb and a second layer of neck feathers.

Lurkey joins Gerald in my flock.

Folded Wreath

I saw the  pattern for this in a 2018 quilt magazine not long ago and thought I’d have a go at a smaller one, not sure I could follow the instructions!  Well I could and when there was a trip to Amsterdam see my Canadian friend I wanted to make her a special wreath.  I use silk from my sewing tutor.  Apart from stitching the triangle pairs together, before turning through, the rest is all hand stitched.  I did this in the conservatory in the last of the summer sunshine so it was most enjoyable.  Although the beads did take a Long time to sew on!.




Mobile Phone carry case


Inspired by the one a friend made for herself and uses all the time, I made this for a friend.  The point of it is to be able to have the phone on you all the time in case of accidents etc.  I will now make one for another friend and one for me.






Some time last year a friend passed this Rooster on to me to finish as I like chickens.  Very little had been done  and I made a start; got to a point where I didn’t understand the american pattern and put him aside.  He came out again recently and with my friend’s help he is finished.  The pattern said to glue virtually everything but we sewed most of it on except for the feathers which were glued together and in the  ‘pocket’ at the rear.

He stands approximately 14” high.

He will be raffled at my Project Linus sewing group, proceeds going to Linus.



Useful outings bag

Many years ago I was given a bag that had proved so useful when going out for a day to hold water, tissues, shopping etc.  Over the years it became tired and grubby.  I spotted this material in Ikea last year (or before?) and have eventually made a replacement with a few enhancements.

It has a zip at the top to stop stuff falling out and and extensions to cope with more shopping!.

Thanks to my Makewith sewing tutor for the instructions




The Fox

This stained glass window (to be installed) is Large – 90cm X 60cm.  It was adapted from a design provided  by my friend who wanted it.  I’m looking forward to a photo of it installed in the inside window of a house.  The photo doesn’t show up the true colours of the blue sky and green grass.

Being so large posed a number of challenges, and the finishing was held up for 2 months firstly because I was ill for a month and then the studio was busy.  At least it is now delivered safely.

It wouldn’t be finished without the help and support from Jenny and Mike at Vitreus Art.


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