Broderie Anglaise Bed Valance

This was a project for a friend who had seen one and wanted one.  I had to get all the material on line.  Once constructed there was 12 meters in length with 2 rows of trim, to be gathered into half the length.  I didn’t fancy gathering 12 meters in one go, so worked in 2 metre lengths.  Under the advice of my sewing tutor from MakeWith (, I used waxed dental floss attached with a zig zag stitch to do the gathering.  This worked really well.








Quilting Circles

I am practising with one of the shapes (circle) in my ‘Westalee” Template Sampler Set – the second of my 3 expensive purchases at the 2018 Quilt Show.  As usual using this at home is much harder than the demonstration sample I tried at the show!.  I have had to move away from using my Bernina BSR foot for free motion quilting; very surprisingly some of the results are acceptable.










Silk Coverlet Phase 1

I was given some wonderful pure silk material in jade green and gold; about 5 meters of green and 3 meters of gold.  I don’t wear silk clothes so had the idea to turn them into a bed coverlet.  The basic pattern came from my sewing group tutor, and I adjusted it – adding the vertical piece in the middle and corner squares of gold (not in the photo).   The approximate size is 88” X 88”

I have struggled with this for the last couple of weeks – ripping the pieces meant they frayed at a touch, there wasn’t a straight line to be had, the silk pins kept falling out and as it grew I had to lay it on the floor and crawl around measuring and pinning!.

Having got this far, thanks be to my newly acquired overlocker, it is going away for a rest.  The intention is to back it in soft calico and quilt with no wadding.  Eventually or maybe.








My latest gadget:

As I am making clothes now, I have seen the use for an overlocker and thanks to the help of my sewing group tutor I felt confident enough to go for one at home.  This is one of the 3 gadgets I purchased at the Quilt Show 2018.  I cheated on the threading – it came threaded with minimum thread, so I used the ‘pull the new thread’ method , and only had to thread the 2 needles.  And it works!


Success!  These were made from a very, very old pair that I deconstructed to make the pattern.  That’s a first for me – making a pattern.  The old pair were so old that the material ripped whilst being taken apart.  I found the cotton material in my local market at a cheap price which makes them more of a success.

Door Caddy / Hanging


This is a replacement for a very useful hanging given to me; I have used the original for years (and years) to store hats, scarfs and gloves.   The original had seen better days and as I had several cat printed strips they seemed a good choice for the pockets.

It has taken years for this to be made – mostly because I didn’t have a pattern to follow and so it was too difficult.  However I found the instructions for a similar item on the internet for a different size and finally got motivated/brave enough to have a go.  If I made another one I would change a few stages;  I used double interfacing to keep it stiff, but these adds to the bulk when adding the binding so I wouldn’t do that again.

Mostly I’m pleased with it, and it’s no longer an Unstarted Object.

Quilters Bag


For quite some time I have wanted a suitable bag to store my cutting mat and various rulers that otherwise end up all over the place and I can’t find them!.  When this course came up at The Bramble Patch, I quickly signed up.  Due to the snow back in February, the original day was postponed so this has only recently been finished.

The design is by Hilary Jackson but the applique on the outside pocket is my own, re-using some sheep from my sheep quilt.

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