Summer Cardigan

I started knitting this so long ago it might be 2 years!  Along the way I lost interest several times but as you see eventually finished it.   Using the leftover yarn (acrylic) from the ‘sheep cushion’, plus some grey that was in the stash.  The plan was to wear it on a cruise, which for obvious reasons never happened.

Mini Cat Quilt

This pair of cats was the sample I made whilst trying out the pattern for the larger cat tails quilt made earlier this year.  I chose yellow because I like the colour and didn’t want to waste the sample or the little bits left over, hence the irregular borders!.  The backing fabric is the same as the outer border.  Size 26” wide by 38” long.  Destined for Project Linus.

IVY Leaf Quilt

A companion for the Iris quilt of last year, for Iris’s sister Ivy.  The Leaves are modelled on the Boston Ivy which changes colour and on a photo I found showing all those colours out at the same time.

The leaves are appliqued on using a fabric glue pen that I saw advertised in a quilting magazine.  This gadget is wonderful for short term gluing only but it doesn’t glue up the sewing machine needle.

Only the applique background fabric was bought; all the rest came from my ‘stash’.

Size 40” long by 33” wide.

Cat Tails Quilt

This is a single bed size ( 72” X 49”) and was made for the daughter of a friend, who selected the pattern from one I had kept out of a very  old american quilting magazine.  The fabrics were all chosen by her from my collection and arranged by the recipient.  The Black cat face fabric came from my friend – leftover from the baby bag I had made for her.

With thanks to my friend Mary  (   who re-created the pattern for me as I hadn’t kept all the instructions with the sizes !!  And I wanedt the cats larger than they appeared in the pattern.   Getting the draft pattern to work took a few attempts, and I would keep sewing the cat’s ears on upside down!.   So a fair amount of reverse sewing took place.   All quilted “in the ditch” as well as the “squiggle”s.

Knitting Needle Case

Finally I got around to making this having had the pattern for this probably 10 years!.  Despite the quantity of material I have, I did struggle to find some that I wanted to use, but the outside cat material was just the correct size.  The inside material is using up bits and while I’m not very fond of brown, it was the only colour I had enough material that went with the cats.

Iris quilt for an Iris

I won the pattern for this in a raffle at a Project Linus sewing day , and also picked up most of the material at the same time.  Initially the applique pattern was for a wall hanging but I intended to make it into a small quilt .  It is 40” long by 32.5” wide.  This size was determined by the backing fabric, which I love, and that was all I had of it.

I made some simplification changes to the pattern because it called for a lot of small pieces and I just didn’t have the patience!  The pieces are appliqued using ‘bondaweb’.  I quilted around the flowers and leaves.

Initially I didn’t know where it was going to go, then I thought maybe a friend of mine would like it for one of her small twin girls called Iris!  And she did, and so does baby Iris.

Piped Cushions covers


Many years ago I attended a one day course on making cushion covers and then made a number of them, including piped box cushion cover.  When a friend’s daughter liked a couple of pieces of my fabric stash and requested cushion covers out of them I thought ‘no problem’.  Ha Ha.

I ordered the piping flange (I didn’t know it was called that!) online by colour from 2 different suppliers.  I started on the cat cushion first as there was no cushion pad so no measuring to do.  I stitched the piping onto one side finding it very difficult to get close to the piping.  I struggled with joining the 2 ends – unbraiding the ends and attempting to weave them together.  Then stitched the other piece of material to the first. Turning it through the result was terrible!  A lot of the ‘flange’ was showing.  I unpicked it and took it to my sewing group along with the other material and the cushion pad.  Turned out that the purple piping was not useful as it wasn’t attached to the edge of the flange, so I would never get close enough.  I ordered more from the other supplier – whose piping cord was attached to the edge of the flange and managed to get a better result except for joining the two ends (which I decided to ignore)

In the intervening years I had forgotten how to work out cushion cover sizes for the yellow one (!) and how to calculate for inserting a zip – here I was helped by my sewing group tutor.   Strangely I manged to join the 2 piping cord ends reasonably well !.

Leftover Hexagon Quilt

This used up all of the leftover fabric from the ‘Big Hexagon Quilt’ from earlier this year.  The brown on the back was from some other project.  The corners are rounded because there wasn’t enough material to make them straight at one end!

Destined for the charity Project Linus

Length approx 53”,  Width approx 39”.  Click on a photo to see the detail.

The Saga of Summer Trousers

Yet again, an attempt to make clothes that fit turned into a saga – this one took over a year to finish!. Please read all of this to appreciate the funny side. Who recalls the Saga of the Shirt? If you look under the category ‘clothes’ you will find that one.

· I wanted a pair of thin summer cut-off trousers for the occasional heat wave days. So early 2020 I got a pattern that had instructions on how to adjust to fit (ha ha) , and started making a test piece. Cut out, sewn together and guess what – yes it didn’t fit. With my sewing tutor’s help I took bits of it to pieces and made adjustments.

· Then we went into lockdown(s). I lost interest over the winter cold.

· In 2021 with sewing classes back up, I found the abandoned item and unenthusiastically decided to carry on. I sewed the front to the back, tried it on and it seriously didn’t fit !. Having no memory of the pattern I had sewn it incorrectly (ha ha)

· Yet again it was undone and re-sewn together. It mostly fitted, but was a bit tight over the bum (which had got bigger in lockdowns). We decided that if I used smaller seam allowances it would fit.

· So I bought some batik material online (no stores nearby and much cheaper online) (actually I had to order from 2 sites as the first one didn’t have my choice and eventually when a substitute arrived the second site order had arrived).

· I Cut the pieces out and started sewing together at home. By now the heat wave was well over so they were not going to be worn. I really struggled to understand parts of the pattern (which you recall I had already made into a test garment) but did get the pockets and zip sewn correctly (!). I did all the topstitching, overlocking etc.

· Before I put the waist band on I tried it on. It seriously didn’t fit over the bottom!!!. So I undid the side seams, and re-sewed with smaller seam allowances. I undid the topstitching at the centre back and gained about 1cm. Still too tight!.

· Frustration!. We decided I had to re-cut all of the back pieces adding more space at the sides. My sewing tutor and I spent at least an hour undoing the side and crotch seams and overlocking. (not fun)

· I cut out new adjusted back pieces, sewed them together and put the back and front together.

· Result – they fit mostly being a little tight when I sit down Now I am making a second pair for next year. I have to remain on a diet between now and the next heat wave.

Flower Fairies Wall Hanging

2021-06 flower fairies wall hanging Click on the picture to see a larger version.

I was asked by a friend to make a wall hanging from printed material of the A to Z of Flower Fairies, with quilting. There were 24 pictures, some with very intricate designs. I cut out the individual pictures and appliqued them on to the backing. The Back of the hanging is the same material as the front. The pictures were hand quilted, before adding the back of the hanging. My friend was very pleased with the result.


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