Heart Quilt

 Some years ago when I made a memory quilt from ladies blouses there were some strips left over – I have used some (only some!) in the Hearts of this quilt.  The sashing came from a friend, and the white is Ikea fabric.  Mostly quilted ‘in the ditch’ (with a fair few ‘wanders’!).  Size is  48” square.



Another Baby Bag


When I made the last bag one of my sewing group ladies, who is expecting, really liked it and I had some leftover material (more out of my stash hooray!).  The wonderful cat material for the outside was supplied.  I think it looks stunning.



XMAS Decorations


Yes, it’s not that time.  These should have been finished for Last Christmas!  They kept me busy sitting in the conservatory in the sun.




Cluck, Cluck – Henrietta II


Poor Henrietta I sadly gave up her Cluck some weeks ago – her body just wore out (too many holes to mend).  I did miss her sitting on the bottom step of my staircase, so I dug in my wool stash and found some suitable wool although different colours to Henrietta I.  I reused the comb, wattle, feet and wings – which is why they are such a different colour.

Dragon Toys


This was definitely a “seemed like a good idea at the time” project. A friend is expecting baby 3 and I thought it would be nice to make something for her 2 small boys. I found this pattern which went down well with mum.  I have made toys and dolls before but … not with nasty stretchy material!.   I had to buy the material off the internet and didn’t know just how horrible it was to sew with.  It moves as it is pinned, then once pinned it moves while tacking, then once tacked it moves when sewed – grr!.  The first dragon (red one) was accompanied by a LOT of very BAD language and most of every part had to be ‘reverse sewed’, some of them many times.  Sigh.

By the time I got the red one finished, I had learned some hints so the purple one went much more easily – only 2 lots of ‘reverse sewing’.

No more dragons or stretchy velour material for me.

Leopard Print Baby Bag

I made one of these bags for myself as a quilter’s carry all, and my friend wanted one for her baby-to-be.  She likes leopard print and wanted plush fabric inside – which I found, also leopard print shower curtain to line the outside pockets in case the baby bottles leak.


Large Triangle Quilt

So named because some of the triangles are larger than others, and because it is a large quilt – 56” X 72”

This started as a ‘use up the leftovers’ from my last triangle quilt; I saw this pattern in a quilt magazine (from quiltylove.com) and thought I would extend my triangle knowledge.  So I started, but part way through cutting approximately 200 triangles of the 2 sizes it became obvious I didn’t  have enough material.  I wanted to keep to the same sort – a mixture of brushed cotton and wool – and the colour scheme – predominantly brown and grey.  I sourced some off Ebay and continued.  Then I Still didn’t have enough so sourced some more off Ebay.  Naturally I ordered more than I needed!.  So then I needed some backing and had decided I wanted to use fleece – avoiding the need for wadding – and wanted light grey to fit with the colour scheme.  Yes I sourced some off Ebay!.  And yes, I ordered way more than I needed!.

I just managed to get in through my sewing machine to quilt – each side of the triangle lines. 

The colour scheme fits my kind neighbour’s house and it has now gone to it’s new home.

Summer Rucksack

This saga started with a gift from my cousin of the butterfly braid – so pretty.  I wanted to put it on something where it would be a real feature.  I had the white broderie anglais material from a bolster cushion that I dismantled and the other was left over from a valance I made for a friend.  Eventually I found a pattern at my sewing group for a backpack – which I thought would do well for summer (what’s that?) walks.

Of course I wanted to change the pattern:  the flaps for the cord replaced studs (at the advice of a friend), and I wanted a closure flap.  This meant changing how the opening was closed and the carrying cord now needed another flap.  Then there was my first venture into toggles.

I am so relieved it’s finished; now waiting for some summer to use it.



Pink Plush Bunny for a Baby

I fell for this pattern in a quilting magazine, and fortunately a friend of mine is have a baby girl this year.  So I got to make it.  The bunny ears are supposed to stand up, but I forgot the interfacing!  It was my first experience with sewing plush fabric – not my favourite; it moves when being pinned, and is impossible to undo stitches!

Christmas Knitted Wreath

Not quite finished for the start of 12 days of Christmas, but there’s still a few days left to enjoy it – although it was hung up unfinished.    This is one of Sue Stratford’s creations (https://www.suestratford.co.uk/), and is supposed to have 12 mini knitted ‘additions’.  Maybe it will for next year.



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