Sheep meet Yoga Mat Bag

 For me !  my own Yoga Mat Bag – not that I go to Yoga classes now, but I do use the mats at home.   Using up the last of the bright green sheep material and the last of the plain dark green – also used for the lining.

No I still haven’t got to grips with the pattern!!

Big Hexagon Quilt

This was another lockdown time eater, and a ‘use up material’ project.   Finished size approximately 56.5” X 61”

The fabric I had originally bought online for my winter quilt (see the post Winter Quilt)  but when it all arrived I realised there was too much pink ( I don’t like pink!) . Yes I knew there was pink in the patterns when I bought them – don’t ask what wasn’t going through my brain!.  Also the colour scheme did not fit in with my bedroom which is yellow and  blue.  Altogether a silly purchase.  Sad because the fabric is all brushed cotton, soft and warm and good quality. 

Anyway I had seen the pattern in a quilt magazine, liked it,  and I had a plastic hexagon template gadget that gave 6” hexagons so I went for it.  Sewing the Hexagons into columns was straight forward, but sewing the columns together was more challenging as after each little seam it all had to be rotated with needle down.  Oh and all the seams had to start and end 0.25” in from the ends.  I found I could only cope with sewing at the most 4 columns together in a session. 

The backing used up all of the flower material and majority of the plain cream.

Partly machine quilted – around the outside of the hexagons, which I could do in more or less straight lines .  Hand quilted inside the hexagons because the quilt is very heavy and thick and I couldn’t face continually heaving it through the sewing machine arm round and round the hexagons.

Another Yoga mat bag


I was asked to make one for a yoga mat as a gift, and the recipient is fond of Art Deco.  The requestor  settled on this fabric . The lining is the same as the outer. I think it looks good.


Knitted Sheep Cushion

Back in time, many years ago now, I saw this knitted cushion pattern and having a fondness for sheep couldn’t resist.  Over the years my patience for intarsia knitting has dwindled so it didn’t get knitted.  Until a friend of mine said she didn’t know what to make next in one of the lockdowns.  I know she is a very good knitter so I offered my sheep cushion!.  I rather think it was more of a challenge that expected but she came up trumps.  Doesn’t it look good?  It has a plain back

Thanks Mary How  – do look at her web site, she makes amazing items


3 ‘Leftover’ Quilts for Project Linus

Having finished my winter quilt (see my earlier entry), I had quite a lot of brushed cotton material leftover.  To use it up I made quilt top 1 – a leftover quilt size 36”  X  44”.  The sizes of the squares were fixed to match the leftovers.

(click on the picture to see it full size)



From that there was Still leftovers, so I made quilt top 2 – a leftover of the leftovers size: 35” square.  For this I had sufficient uncut material to do the ‘rail fence’ pattern.

(click on the picture to see it full size)



Still more fabric left, so quilt top 3 – a leftover of the leftover of the leftovers size 26.5” square.  This is really oddments!.

All with pale grey fleece backing.

(click on the picture to see it full size)

And yes I STILL have a small amount leftover!.

Another Door Caddy / Hanging

I made the first one of these really useful hangings some time (years) ago, and ever since have wanted a second one to hold the many hats, gloves, scarfs, and now face masks that are needed to go out.

When the Yoga mat bag was finished, and the 3 quilt tops (entry to come) this made the top of the ‘to do list’ whilst waiting for the fleece for the 3 quilt tops.

It is smaller than the first as the remaining cat picture fabric was only 2 wide.  This did mean I had to re-calculate the cutting sizes (not my strongest point).

this is the first one: 

Yoga Mat Bag

Well actually it’s not for a Yoga Mat but an artist easel (for a friend who likes to do outside watercolour painting), so it is longer than the pattern.

This was a free download pattern that I thought looked simple – silly me!.  Ok it’s not complicated IF you can follow the instructions which leave out little steps like ‘sew velcro onto Right side of fabric’ and ‘turn bag inside out’ to attach the ends!.   So after several days of reverse sewing and a number of rude words, I made progress.

I used BOSAL for the strap which may turn out to be too short (!!).  Oh and I managed to order 2 lots of BOSAL and only got one delivered!.

Winter Quilt

I had intended to make a winter quilt for my bed since last year, using leftover grey fleece as backing.  This became my pre-Christmas lockdown quilt, with all the brushed cotton fabric for the front bought on line.

Actually this finished one is the second lot of material I bought, as I decided the first colour scheme did not go with the grey backing.  I was not convinced about the bright blue fabric, but in the end I think it fits in.

What I am not happy with is the construction – the points of the shapes are not points and don’t match up!!  Partly because I changed the pattern (!) as I cannot cut 3 and 7/8th squares!!

I wanted my quilt bigger than the pattern size so added extra columns and sashing, and then had to change the border to fit the backing size.

Final size is 82” long buy 72” wide.  Quilting was a struggle – the top is heavy, and the fleece on its own is heavy so together is heavy!!.  Quilted only vertically, including ‘in the ditch’ seams, as I couldn’t face doing horizontally!.

It is warm, and finished almost in time for the cold weather.

2020 Xmas knitted tree decorations



A rather strange collection of knitted Christmas tree decorations.  Strange because not many have a Christmas theme ( Guinea pig , toadstool, mouse  as a few) and the majority are clearly suffering from Covid19 and /or drunk!  Have you ever seen such a squiffy Xmas tree??

Hearts from Squares Quilt

With this quilt 99.9% of the left over fabric from the memory quilt has been used up – alright there are a few leftover squares but not enough to count.

The pattern is supposed to be hearts as a square set on the side.  All mini squares are cut as 2.5”.  Finished size without the outside sashing is 34.5”.

The back is from some fat quarters I bought for another project that the recipient didn’t like

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