Hearts from Squares Quilt

With this quilt 99.9% of the left over fabric from the memory quilt has been used up – alright there are a few leftover squares but not enough to count.

The pattern is supposed to be hearts as a square set on the side.  All mini squares are cut as 2.5”.  Finished size without the outside sashing is 34.5”.

The back is from some fat quarters I bought for another project that the recipient didn’t like

Lined Drawstring Bags


This was a free pattern and proved to be very easy to make with an enclosed seam for the lining – nice finish.   I first made one for me (the sunflowers) then several in silk for gifts.


Log Cabin Quilt


Still using up leftover fabric from the memory quilt!  – the bright fabrics are from the memory quilt, the rest out of my pile.  Except for the navy backing which I had to buy.  The size of the blocks was set by the leftover fabric being in 2.5” wide strips.  I managed to quilt each block in one round – not many ends to tie off this time hooray!. Approximate size:  42” X 50″

Mini Latticework Quilt


From the left overs from the big Latticework quilt.   This one joined better.  Size approximately 33.5” square.


Latticework Quilt

I have had this pattern for years, allocated to the left over material from a memory quilt.  Finally got to sewing it – quite a straight forward block but each HAS to be sewn in the same order or the finish won’t be correct.  Disappointed that some of the matching didn’t!

Size approximately 54” X 44”.  Quilted ‘in the ditch’ (in the seam lines) which looks great but as I wouldn’t cross the material, gave lots and lots of ends to finish off – hours of work.



Heart Quilt

 Some years ago when I made a memory quilt from ladies blouses there were some strips left over – I have used some (only some!) in the Hearts of this quilt.  The sashing came from a friend, and the white is Ikea fabric.  Mostly quilted ‘in the ditch’ (with a fair few ‘wanders’!).  Size is  48” square.



Another Baby Bag


When I made the last bag one of my sewing group ladies, who is expecting, really liked it and I had some leftover material (more out of my stash hooray!).  The wonderful cat material for the outside was supplied.  I think it looks stunning.



XMAS Decorations


Yes, it’s not that time.  These should have been finished for Last Christmas!  They kept me busy sitting in the conservatory in the sun.




Cluck, Cluck – Henrietta II


Poor Henrietta I sadly gave up her Cluck some weeks ago – her body just wore out (too many holes to mend).  I did miss her sitting on the bottom step of my staircase, so I dug in my wool stash and found some suitable wool although different colours to Henrietta I.  I reused the comb, wattle, feet and wings – which is why they are such a different colour.

Dragon Toys


This was definitely a “seemed like a good idea at the time” project. A friend is expecting baby 3 and I thought it would be nice to make something for her 2 small boys. I found this pattern which went down well with mum.  I have made toys and dolls before but … not with nasty stretchy material!.   I had to buy the material off the internet and didn’t know just how horrible it was to sew with.  It moves as it is pinned, then once pinned it moves while tacking, then once tacked it moves when sewed – grr!.  The first dragon (red one) was accompanied by a LOT of very BAD language and most of every part had to be ‘reverse sewed’, some of them many times.  Sigh.

By the time I got the red one finished, I had learned some hints so the purple one went much more easily – only 2 lots of ‘reverse sewing’.

No more dragons or stretchy velour material for me.

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