Small Felt Penguin



I couldn’t resist this kit – he is 4” tall and will go to a friend.


Baby Alphabet Quilt


I like this pattern and it uses up some of those small pieces.  Choosing and cutting the small pieces (base is a 2” square) takes some time.

This is the second I have made, and is for a friend.




My Large Summer Bed Quilt


This is the largest quilt I have yet made – 73” wide by 91” long.  This was a challenge to lay out (thank you Mary), and quilt.  I did in the ditch for the sashing and free motion for all the individual blocks – endless ends to finish off as I went around the flowers!  I added a couple of applique flowers on the back to break up the ivory calico.

One of my favourite quilt patterns for large motif material.  I started this last year, got part way through then it went into the UFO pile.  When I picked it up this year I discovered my poor mathematics – not enough material for the sashing and I couldn’t remember what the material was or where I bought it!.  So I ended up with mixed white and ivory sashing – not that I can easily tell the difference!.



Sleeping with Sheep


I do have a fondness for sheep so couldn’t resist this cotton material which is now a second pair of pyjamas.   Made in my sewing class at Makewithmk .   I sewed the buttons on with my machine and the new (expensive) button sewing on foot.




When is aTriangle not a Triangle?

When the top gets cut off!.  As the picture shows these are no longer triangles although they started off as such – I’m blaming the pattern not user error!.   At least it is finished, motivated by our cold weather.  I’m glad as it is made from brushed cotton so is good to snuggle under.  I didn’t want to add any more weight so reluctantly used a 2oz polyester wadding – horrible stuff and not consistent in thickness either.  My machine, a Bernina, is very fussy and does NOT like stitching polyester or fleece fabric so I used a Janome purple tip needle which is designed to minimise skipped stiches.

Finished size is :   Width 50” Length 54”



Knitted mini Reindeer

I’m still knitting from Sue Stratford’s ‘Mini Knitted Christmas’ book – this year Reindeer.  They are small – 3” high at the head and 3.5” from nose to tail.  Despite their mini size they take a LONG time to sew up!.  I got through 6 this year before coming down with the flu.




Broderie Anglaise Bed Valance

This was a project for a friend who had seen one and wanted one.  I had to get all the material on line.  Once constructed there was 12 meters in length with 2 rows of trim, to be gathered into half the length.  I didn’t fancy gathering 12 meters in one go, so worked in 2 metre lengths.  Under the advice of my sewing tutor from MakeWith (, I used waxed dental floss attached with a zig zag stitch to do the gathering.  This worked really well.







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